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    Elevating your space with quality paint work

    Painting a house is a lovely idea. However, deciding on the right time, right colors, products, and right painters’ services are essential. That is why services used by Florez House Painters Athens, GA make the house a protected and fantastic as your dream! Florez Painting Services, complete image of your house. Now we can paint your home just how you need it without worrying about your family’s concern (About CCOVID19).

    Interior Painting

    Accent wall

    The accent wall is a famous way to pull focus in a room and create an eye-catching statement. Some walls become a focal point because of setting a big-screen TV and fireplace.

    Florez house painters Athens, GA can design a neutral wall and elegant it with beautiful textures, bold colors or prints, and even cherished mementos. We can also help you with a couple of pictures, ideas, and ways to create an exceptional appearance.

    Carpentry Plaster & Drywall Repair

    Plaster and drywall Repair repairs are best left to experts if you do not want to observe the damages, and it is precisely why you need the service of Florez Painting services Athens, Ga for all your carpentry needs.

    With years of experience, we’ve got the essential skill set to deal with all your interior drywall and plaster fixes without any incident and offer new results which will be indiscernible from the rest of your wall.

    Keeping your home interior attractive is essential, and you may only do that if you have any damages repaired and color-matched by a tested professional.

    Wallpaper Removal

    By choosing Florez painters Athens, GA skilled wallpaper removal services, you’re making things much more comfortable for yourself, and you are saving your walls. Lots of people remove the wallpaper themselves and wind up ruining their walls ultimately.

    A specialist House painting Athens, GA, will offer the best wallpaper removal support and let the pure beauty of your house shine through. Selecting skilled Athens, GA painters wallpaper removal services means you won’t have some hassle when renovating. We will do the main work for you and ask you to relax in your home.

    When the job is done, we’ll be happy to help you select a new color, new wallpapers, or even choose what to do with your walls. Many Athens, GA painting services aren’t familiar with what specialist wallpaper removal involves.

    As we believe in transparency and understand that nearly all of our clients aren’t familiar with what specialist background removal involves, we have let you on unique removal methods.


    Many people are bored with the way your kitchen cabinets look. You need not pay to get a new kitchen installed. You can save your money and give your kitchen a renovation by having your cabinets refinished.

    This job demands a lot of work and expertise, so it is best to hire experienced professionals from Athens, GA with us. You will achieve the result with care and skill.

    Exterior Painting


    Refresh your home or office with a new coat of paint from our Athens, GA painters, and they are trusted and professional painters. The wall colors of your house can make it sense gloomy or inviting. Our expert outside painters will ultimately improve the attractiveness of your home.

    Therefore, people feel confused when looking at outside paint samples and picking the color of the exterior walls. We advise our customers to take the time to decide on colors for external painting service and request as many samples until they’re 100% confident & pleased with all the colors.


    Fences can be an attractive addition to any house, especially after professional painting or staining. Our experienced Athens, GA  painters fencing painting and staining providers offer the ideal means to give any fence an attractive, long-lasting finish.

    No matter the material it makes off your fence, the look you are hoping to accomplish, or your project, our painters can make your project a comfortable, stress-free encounter.


    Almost all people enjoy doing at home in the summertime is relaxing in their deck. Today, a deck has to be in great shape for somebody to enjoy it correctly. People today have to have their deck painted or stained to appreciate this, and we could look after it for them.

    Our firm Florez House painters Athens, GA can paint in time, so the homeowners could begin enjoying their deck at a reasonable time.

    Getting your deck refinished may take a protracted quantity of time due to the large dimensions of decks out there. The time deters many homeowners from doing the job themselves, so our business can do it in a fast and reasonable quantity of time to get an excellent price.


    Wall painting of the garage can give almost new life into it. Commercial garage painting is among the most significant returns on your investment and is one of the simplest ways to improve your garage’s appearance and feel.

    Save your time and bothers when seeing painting your garage by allowing Florez Services to hire a new paint coat. Whether your garage is oversized, small, or old, painting is the best budget-friendly project to undertake.

    Commercial Painting

    Shopping Center

    For commercial property, the way that your building appears will entice shoppers to dissuade them from visiting the stores entirely. They won’t set foot at a place that looks unsuccessful and uncared-for. In the day and age of online shopping and free delivery, it’s essential to make sure your company’s physical location is attractive and welcoming to pull more customers and help your business stick out.

    Because of weather and time, the harm is normal and simple to repair, mainly in a brand new paint coat. Suppose you are the owner or property manager of a gym having to freshen up the facade or paint a newly constructed building. If that is the circumstance, Florez Professional Painting is the local painting company you would like to call.


    For large-scale housing painting projects, such as apartment buildings and homeowner’s associations. It is essential to maximize efficiency, value, and results. Florez House Painters Athens, GA  painting contractor, can provide all three aspects, delivering a clean, uniform look with lasting appeal, all at a fair price. Painters Athens, GA  specializes in painting and apartments, and we often perform quality painting for all the projects.

    Because of resident turnover, apartment buildings require professional painting services frequently. They also have many of the same office and communal facilities, and therefore similar painting needs. Florez Painting is an excellent choice for repainting individual apartments and small units, but we also provide perfect painting solutions for all types of projects.

    Office Painting

    The way you offer your business says a good deal about who you are as a corporation. Everything about your company location will impact your clients. Are you sending the ideal message? If your office walls display a classic, worn out, cracked, chipped, obsolete, or peeling paint job, then the solution is probably no.

    Whether you are just setting up a brand new office or your old office requires an extreme makeover, then expect your project to the business. Florez Painting Contractors,  we understand the unique needs of skilled office painting for businesses because we are a business ourselves.

    Medical & Dental Office

    A freshly painted dental or medical office can convey a sense of cleanliness and comfortability for your patients. It’s essential to make sure you make a warm and relaxing environment for those in the waiting room, exam rooms, and during your office.

    Florez Painters Athens, GA, we can help you facelift your old, outdated dental or medical office, providing quick, efficient health care and dental office painting solutions for buildings of all sizes. We only use premium-quality paints that produce minimum odors and dry quickly to minimize downtime and ensure a clean, healthy environment.


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